Chaya Udinsky G.G. , RMV

300 Morris St. Durham, North Carolina 27701


Pearl and Bead Restringing

Let Pearls Plus LLC restore your heirlooms!

  • Pearls are hand knotted on silk for two reasons:
  1. 1.Knots prevent pearls from rubbing against each other so they do not become damaged
  2. 2. If a knotted strand breaks, only the one pearl where the break occurs becomes loose BUT if an unknotted strand breaks, all of the pearls slide off.

  • Pearls strung on silk typically need restringing every one to ten years depending on frequency of wear.
  • We specialize in hand knotting pearls on silk. Cleaning is included with restringing. 
  • Repairs on beaded items strung on stretch string, nylon thread, flexible bead wire, and wire wrapped items are also available. 
  • New clasps are available if needed/desired.
  • Modifications and custom designs are available.

Prices start at $3 per inch for knotted items, $2 per inch for unknotted items, and $10 for stretchy items. There is a $10 minimum for all repairs. Estimates are free.